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How do you draw poses?? You're art is always so great, I want to learn how to draw from you so badly!!!



wow thank you so much! This past year my drawing teacher taught us a technique that really improved my figures. Using this technique (and practicing it a LOT) I’ve been able to draw poses a lot easier. Once you get  a general idea of how the body works, you can use your knowledge to pose it however you want. 

This isn’t how he taught it to us verbatim, but here’s how I’ve been using it. Now keep in mind I was taught by someone who knows a LOT more than I do, so if these tips don’t make sense, feel free to ask me to elaborate!!! They make sense to me because I learnt from someone who was able to explain in much more detail, but in the end I’m regurgitating them short hand, so they may not be helpful. 




Now, I tend to make my ribcage too thin towards the end, and my hips too wide, but the general rule is they should be the same width, and the ribcage area should taper as it goes down. 

Also, you can include the line for the pecs / end of ribcage to give your torso’s more shape. 

What I drew above is the male torso / pelvis. I’ll go into the female pelvis / torso a bit further down. 


as you can see, the spine placement is similar to the neck placement. 

The thigh and the calves should be the same length. I have to double check myself often because I tend to make my calves too long and my thighs too short :p 

As you continue to practice these figures, you’ll find you may make similar mistakes, so youll know what to look out for :) 


when the legs are bent (this goes for arms as well) sometimes it helps to fill in the gap between the two segments with a dotted line. This can help prevent you from making the gap  (and your limbs) too long. 


Here’s a REALLY shitty way of drawing the back. To be quite frank I never practiced this enough, so I’m kinda crap at it. But I figured I’d draw it anyway. 

The female torso is more shapely than the male torso, but one thing my teacher didn’t cover that I want to emphasize is you can combine any and all elements to make your figure. A female body does not have to have this much va-voom. He really tried to pound into me that my female figures didn’t have enough emphasis on hips , but I took that with a grain of salt :p 

I hope these tips help! Feel free to come back with any questions you may have c: 

Heres some advice i posted on my personal, in case anyone was curious on my personal method for drawing figures :P


page 4


page 4


recent daily doodle and she-hulk commission…



オールキャスト | もひやま。@ついっと&たんぶら [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=29649824




Someone introduced me to a picture of me earlier, was published in pixiv. 

I was surprised.

Thank you.

Hisashi Moriyama


Hazel from “Seconds” fan art ;)


Doodles dump!

I’m waiting for my sister in Japan to send me a big parcel filled with Muji sketchbooks! Right now, I’m filling the vacant spaces on old ones +_+;

Some Muji sketchbooks are great to draw. But in France, Muji focus on selling colored ballpens and fancy notebooks for scrapbookers, home furniture and weirdly potato bag-cut clothes ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) and their prices are delirious (╥﹏╥) 15 years ago, they used to sell cheap, varied and quality stationery…


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Original art available here http://skottieyoungstore.bigcartel.com



By Chris Sims

Just in case you’re not up to speed on classic newspaper strips, Winsor McKay’s Little Nemo is one of the most innovative comics of the 20th century. Originally running in newspapers from 1905 to 1926, it was arguably one of the first real masterpieces of the form, with McKay’s surreal dreamscapes taking the form of beautiful imagery and page layouts that creators are still trying to recreate today.

Now, Nemo is returning to the comics page in Return To Slumberland. Not to be confused with the forthcoming Dream Another Dream anthology, this new series from Eric ShanowerGabriel Rodriguez and Nelson Daniel launches this week from IDW Publishing, and it is beautiful. Seriously, just hands down one of the prettiest comics I’ve seen in a long time, and even though the first few pages don’t quite get into the strangeness of walking beds and stair-step city skylines, I get the feeling that all of that stuff shows up right where the preview ends.




little DA:I ladies sketches, mostly for my own reference, trying to get a feel for their faces/costume design (partially so I can draw ‘em, partially because I kinda like to keep counterbalance design ideas in mind for my player character)

I’ve had a strong appreciation for a lot of the DA:I design for a while now, and nothing makes you appreciate a design like breaking it down and studying it a little!

Neat idea! I should make my own of these too for my style guide, so I don’t keep scrambling for reference screenshots every time I draw the companions :D

(and admittedly, need to do these for my own characters of my own stories XD;;;)


This is a scan of the original piece for the silent auction for Simon Chung, Friday, August 22nd at the Animation Guild.  To learn more about the event and preview pieces in the show, visit http://simonchungartauction.tumblr.com/.


This is a scan of the original piece for the silent auction for Simon Chung, Friday, August 22nd at the Animation Guild.  To learn more about the event and preview pieces in the show, visit http://simonchungartauction.tumblr.com/.